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"Got unexpected discounts with licensing program, the products quality is awesome and results shine. Thanks!"

Robert Riggs

"The Licensing program recommended by Pass4Sure support team worked well in our interest. The discounts were large and the results outstanding. Most of our trained staff now holds the certificates proudly in their hands. Thanks Pass4Sure"

John West
(HR Department)

"Thanks to pass4sure for suggesting a switch to Pass4Sure Licensor Program, the switch saved us huge sums of money and took the burden off our shoulders. We now have the capacity to train all our employees under the training budget. Thanks Once Again"

Doug Wedge
(Eastern Division Training Manager)

Frequently Asked Questions

How a Site License Works?

A Pass4Sure Site License grants the rights of use to one Pass4Sure Product to one individual user. Site licenses are managed through one Pass4Sure Licensor account. From this account, the additional licenses can be bought and assigned to different users, or added to existing users.

Site Licenses are billed per license; however you can obtain huge discounts by purchasing multiple Pass4Sure Site Licenses (bulk) and also by extending the License time from the default three months to six months or one year as per choice. You hold the capacity to combine these two discounting options for even privileged discounts.

It is really easy to purchase multiple Pass4Sure Site Licenses at one time and earn great savings. The licenses can be purchased ahead of time and activated when required. Your expiration date starts on the date when each Site License is activated and not the date of purchase.

The Pass4Sure Site License is perfect choice for companies with a growing and steeply rising IT Department or one that requires on-site training on a flexible schedule. Pass4Sure products run at the pace of the user, not based on a classroom and exam schedule. This Pass4Sure exclusive offer helps businesses save both time and money. The licensors can also create by mixing and matching exams from different certifications and even vendors.

What benefits are involved in a Multi-User License?

When you participate in the Pass4Sure Site Licensing program, the program permits you to take full control over the Pass4Sure products and services for your worker, staff and students in training.
  • With the licensing program you can buy Pass4Sure Licenses in bulk and/or for extended licensing terms for deep discounts. You can also select from 3, 6 and 12-month licenses.
  • You also have the capacity to activate the licenses when you need them. This allows you to maximize your savings and purchase Pass4Sure licenses in bulk!
  • You are responsible for the products and services that are available to each user. You have the ability to assign one or all of the exam preparation tools to any user.
  • You hold the capacity to set the duration of the Pass4Sure product life. Activate products for a month up to a year at a time, allowing your users to train at their own pace, or under a deadline set by your company.
  • You have the additional facility to track your users' progress and scores from practice exams. With detailed and full reporting on questions and answers, we include stats on difficult areas of exams, scores and pass fail rates, increase or decrease in proficiency, frequency of activity.
  • You can receive huge discounts and bonus licenses based on volume and need. We at Pass4Sure have the capacity to create custom programs for any industry and for any company structure. Bulk discounts begin with the purchase of five or more Pass4Sure Site Licenses of a single product at a single time. Discounts based on extending Licensing Duration begin at 20% discount for a six month License, and 40% for the twelve month License.
Example #1: Lets say that you need five Microsoft 640-802 Questions and Answers Site Licenses. Lets say that 3-months license of each product costs $100.00. You decide to buy them all at once, and activate them, as you need them. You also decide to purchase the six month edition for extra lead time before exams begin.

Regular Site Licensing Pricing based on one license purchased as needed:
5 640-802 @ 100.00 + subscription extension = $1000.00
Total Non-Discount Pricing = $1000.00

Bulk pricing discount: 5 640-802 licenses (10% of $1000.00) = $100.00
Subtotal = $1000.00 - $100.00 = $900.00
Extended duration discount: 6 mo. Extension (20% of $900.00) = $180.00
Total Discount: $280.00
Total Discount Pricing = $720.00

Example #2: lets say that you need eleven Cisco 640-301 Q & A Site Licenses. Lets say that 3-months license of each product costs $100.00. You decide to buy them all at once, and activate them, as you need them. You also decide to purchase the twelve month edition for extra lead time before exams begin.

Regular Site Licensing Pricing based on one license purchased as needed:
11 640-301 @100.00 + subscription extension = $4400.00
Total Non-Discount Pricing = $4400.00

Bulk pricing discount: 11 640-301 licenses (15% of $4400.00) = $660.00
Subtotal = $4400.00 - $660.00 = $3740.00
Extended duration discount: 12 mo. Extension (40% of $3740.00) = $1496.00
Total Discount: $2156.00
Total Discount Pricing = $2244.00

Are there any multi-user licensing options?

You can select from any of the Pass4Sure products/services available. We provide the option on all products to be licensed or purchased for three, six and twelve month duration.

You can pay also for your licenses with a direct payment, or from funds in your Pass4Sure Licensing account. The Pass4Sure Licensing Program accepts all major Credit Cards, PayPal, Cheque and BankWires.

You can purchase your licenses at any time and activate them when you need them. Don't worry about your unused exams and materials expiring. The Pass4Sure Licensing Terms begin upon activation, not at the time of purchase.

I have special needs. Can programs be tailored if required?

Of course, in fact customizing this program and tailoring is what Pass4Sure Site Licensing is all about. You are in control of the number of products, users, and duration of the training tools that you select.

Pass4Sure products and services are often updated, and with the Pass4Sure Site Licensing program, you will be kept current with the latest Pass4Sure training materials and tools for passing exams and becoming certified.

Various payment solutions are also available to meet your business requirements. You can make a make a direct payment at the time of each license purchase (with a credit card or PayPal), or you can operate from your Pass4Sure Licensing account balance. Funding your Pass4Sure Licensing account in advance helps manage training budgets and fuses records for accounting.

Consult with one of our Pass4Sure Site Licensing professionals and find out what benefits and features will work best with your situation and training budget.

Do we get an academic discount?

Yes for Sure. The Pass4Sure Site License program has an Academic Discount. Please contact to obtain the discount and setup your account. The Academic Discount is not provided automatically so you may be asked to provide verifications.

Do I have the facility to re-use products after they have been purchased?

Products that you purchase have been designed for use by a particular individual user. Each user will require a unique product, that has the facility to be renewed if expires and if required.

The Pass4Sure Site Licensing control panel keeps the record of statistics and reports on each user and the progress that he/she make is making while using the products and services that are assigned to them. The results would be invalid if multiple users are accessing the same licensed product.

Can Licenses be transferred another computer?

Licenses have an additional facility that the retail Pass4Sure products, can be moved or added to one additional computer. For this to happen simply download the product onto the new computer and run the executable for rapid and trouble free installation. After the installation, you may request a new serial code from the Pass4Sure web site. In case you come across technical problems, or need to reinstall the applications again due to a computer issue, you can contact and apply for a new serial code.

How do you calculate Licensing Fees?

Pass4Sure Licensing fees are calculated depending upon the number of licenses that are purchased. Discounts on licenses are generated when you buy in bulk (mass), or when you go for an extended license term, or both.

Volume discounts begin at five licenses or more, purchased simultaneously. Default licensing terms begin at three months. I you have the intention of extending these terms to six months you can earn an additional discount of 20%, and extension to twelve months will generate a 40% discount. (For example: If one license costs $100.00 for a three-month term. An extension to six months would equal $160.00, and an extension to one-year duration would equal $240.00.)

A great way to earn a bulk discount is by purchasing Pass4Sure product licenses. Licenses can be activated at any time you desire, and will be the most current version of that product available.

If you are an academic institution interested in licensing, reseller or affiliate program by Pass4Sure do contact us for additional discounts and payment structures that you may qualify for.

How do I qualify for a site license?

Pass4sure would love for everyone to have the freedom of choice in their training materials, product duration and user reporting, Pass4Sure is launching these additional features just for Licensors and developed specifically for companies and small businesses that need flexible training solutions while keeping track of their training budgets and the ROI.

If the Pass4Sure Site Licensing program is not suited for you, we have two other solutions that may deliver something that suits you better. The Pass4Sure Reseller Program and Pass4Sure Affiliate program are more appropriate for individuals or company looking to earn a profit from Pass4Sure merchandise - however, both can be used to save on Technical and Training Budgets.

Contact our support team at Pass4Sure Site License specialists to find out which of these options best suits your needs.

Do I get any other benefits in addition to the savings?

With the Pass4Sure Site Licensing program you have the capacity to create as many users and products that you need to train your staff for their certification exams. It's this carte blanche access to all of our products that sets us aside from all of our competition.

At Pass4Sure, not only are out products frequently updated, but so is the way we do business and our web site features. If you would like to see a product changed, a feature added, or would like to submit a testimonial; simply contact at and we'll respond to your idea ASAP.

What different modes payment available?

There are four different modes of payment available at Pass4Sure. The two most common methods of payment used are by Credit Card and PayPal balance. Both of these methods will add instant funds you need transferred to your account. Two other alternatives are by Cheque and BankWire. Both of these secondary methods are pretty reliable funding sources, though the actual account funding will take an extra 2-3 days depending on the bank to bank communication.

How many different product types available for licensing?

You can have complete access to all of the Pass4Sure products and services with the Pass4Sure Site Licensing program.

Questions & Answers are the backbone of our certification product line. Our industry-leading certification practice tests cover the same topics as those appearing in actual exams. Working with our Q & A products is just like taking the actual tests... except we also provide you the correct answers. More importantly, we also give you detailed explanations to ensure you fully understand how and why the answers are correct.
  • Questions cover the same topics as the real tests
  • Correct answers, verified by industry experts
  • Detailed explanations (when available) to ensure full understanding
  • Just like the real tests: drag and drop, multiple choice questions
  • Updated regularly, always current
  • Backed by our GUARANTEE
Our Questions & Answers are prepped by industry leaders and some are finest technical experts in their fields. Accuracy is guaranteed. Take full advantage of our practice tests, and go for your next certification exam secure, confident and prepared.

Prepared by IT industry experts, our up to date, exclusive Study Guides ensure you thoroughly understand all concepts essential for taking a certification exam. Each study guide is accompanied by Labs and practical exercises to get you ready not just for your exam, but for the challenges of the IT industry.
  • Written in plain English, for non-certified professionals
  • Prepared in accordance with vendor-specified guidelines
  • Contain Labs and practical exercises, giving hands-on experience
  • Equips you to handle common IT problems
Used alone or in conjunction with our other leading products, our Study Guides give you a matchless combination of theory and practical knowledge.

Complete Preparation Labs are ideal for those in search of a wide-ranging, reasonably priced exam-preparation package. Specializing in CIW, Cisco and Microsoft certifications, these packages ensure a successful IT career.
  • Virtual boot camp on your PC
  • Test your knowledge
  • Build your troubleshooting skills
  • Learn about the hardware and software you'll face every day
  • Available online in seconds
Our comprehensive Preparation Labs will solidify your existing knowledge, and take you step-by-step through everything you need to know. Complete with introductions, lab scenarios and tutorials, these labs are the competitive advantage you need to succeed in the IT world.

In MP3 format, Pass4Sure Audio Guides can be played on practically any media player. Learning is easy and painless. Prepare while commuting to work!
  • MP3 format: use on iPod, thumb drive or any Media Player
  • High and Low bandwidth options
  • Study guide format for easy understanding
  • Perfect complement to Q&A, Study Guide or Realistic Labs
  • Between 25 and 90 minutes (depending on exam)
  • Use them anywhere
  • Great for multitasking and commuting
While we don't recommend Audio Exams alone, they are the perfect companion to our study guides and questions & answers.

How do I track the progress?

Yes, you can! However, the Questions and Answers Pass4Sure product requires an internet connection to send the practice test results back to the Pass4Sure Site Licensing service.

How many time duration options are available for licensing?

Default time allowance always begins at 3 months, and can be increased to 6 months and if required finally to one year (per product, per user). If you need time allowances that are not compatible please contact us at and we will try to accommodate you at our best.

Are there any benefits involved if I refer other licensing clients?

Yes. Pass4Sure does reward referrals of new Site Licensors. If you would like to refer a Pass4Sure Site Licensor to us, please email to discuss your account and the new site licensor you would like to have join.

How can I get demos for products?

Pass4Sure Site Licensing products are the same products that you will find available for retail purchase on the Pass4Sure web site. The only difference is the account set up and product activity duration.

Download any or all of the free downloads from the Pass4Sure Demo page: In case you would like a sample or demo product of one not listed, please contact us at and let us know what demo you would like - and we will send it to you ASAP.

If I purchase many Licenses, Do I get more discounts?

Yeah. Pass4Sure provides a bulk discount for Pass4Sure Site Licensing products. If you feel that you are creating a larger-than-average stream of clients/users do not hesitate to contact us immediately and we will determine your usage and volume of products being assigned.

Once we set your pricing, it is static and can only be modified by Pass4Sure specialists who can modify your discount and set new account limits.

I have signed up but need further help. Who will help me further?

First of all, Welcome Aboard! If you are having difficulties, first read the contents of the Pass4Sure Site Licensing FAQ. If you continue to have questions that are unanswered or just need some personal guidance, please fill out the Contact Us form or email us at and we will reply to you ASAP.

When a Pass4Sure representative contacts you back, you may need to supply him/her with the username or email address you used creating the Pass4Sure Site Licensing account - please have that information available when you contact us. A Pass4Sure Representative will never ask you for your password.
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